ABOLITIONIST - "A New Militance" mini​-​LP

by 1859 Records



released January 26, 2019

Recorded at Supernatural Sound Studios (Oregon City, Oregon) on December 17th, 2017 (drums) + November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2018 (bass, guitar, vocals). Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Rob Bartleson. Produced by Dustin Herron. Lyrics and arrangement by Dustin Herron. Music by Abolitionist. Art/layout by HORSEBITES. 

Written in February 2017, following the 2016 presidential election ... 

ABOLITIONIST on this recording:

Dustin Herron (vocals, guitar)
Jeremy Dunlap (guitar, back-up vocals)
Joey Mohler (bass, back-up vocals)
Sean Rule (drums)



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1859 Records Corvallis, Oregon

DIY micro-label based in Corvallis, OR, U$A, specializing in various shades of punk and metal ...

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Track Name: PINK
They got tired of the shit they had to take every day. "Might be a man's world, but it's time we had our say." The explosions were timed for the night of the referendum, the night the autocrat thought he might have a chance. "I need a third term … just like my hero, FDR." Living life under martial law. Not much else to lose. We saw pink explode into the air, as the paint bombs released miles and miles of color to contrast the monochrome.
Track Name: WAR
"This means war!" the autocrat crowed. He couldn't comprehend what the pink bombs meant. "We're under attack! It's a terrorist threat! Give me that pen! Gotta make it end! Repeat after me: It's a terrorist threat!"
Track Name: RED
It seems they're seeing red. Gonna have a field day. Too many generations hearing the same old shit. "Grow up and have babies. You need a man in this life. No need for thinking. It's a man's world." They're seeing red. "Thanks for the cars. Thanks for the screens. Thanks for the clear-cuts and shitty magazines. Thanks for the torture. Thanks for the war. Stuffed with bread & circuses, can't take anymore." They're seeing red.
Track Name: ACTUALLY
"Well, actually ... just shut the fuck up," she said behind the pink mask, "that terror you feel is good." Fatigued from excuses for generations of abuse, like it's some grand conspiracy to keep men underfoot. "You had your chances again and again, but it's a new militance. Your feeble grasp on power is about to end."
Track Name: NOPE
"We don't think so. Get the point? Hands off our bodies. You can't legislate your way out of this. We don't think so. We spent our best years raising you and then you pay us back by pulling your umbilical cord. We don't think so. We're tired of the interruptions. We're tired of the credit-taking. We're tired of the gas-lighting. We don't think so. This time we're really rising up. This time we're gonna pull the trigger. This time you'll be the ones feeling shamed."
The pink bombs were a start to an unforgiving war. Soon there was an avalanche from an unforgiving source. No more peaceful marches. No more online petitions. Too fucking sick of the bloody war on women. You should have seen it. It was a bloodbath reminiscent of the French Revolution. Autocrats, with their pockets lined with cash. Wife-beaters, with their flaccid micro-dicks.
Track Name: TRIGGER
"Don't pull the trigger. Don't pull the trigger. Don't pull the trigger. Don't pull the trigger on me. I don't understand this. What did I do to deserve it? I just felt you belonged in your place, that's all. How could I have known? You didn't feel good in your role? Well, that's fucking news to me … but you've made your mind up, I see …"
Track Name: OVER
"It's over. The bad guys lost. They never stood a fucking chance, once we all fought as one. It's over. The autocrat and his men are dead, but we've gotta stay vigilant. It could happen again. It's over … but, then again, we've said it before. We got complacent when we thought we had won. We let the snake in the grass grow warm. It's over? That's the question we may have to answer again. That's the price we have hanging over our heads. When the war is over, the real work begins. Is it over? Is it over? Is it really ever over?"

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