ABOLITIONIST - "The Vicious Rumor" LP

by 1859 Records



WESTERN USA TOUR 2017 (more details soon):

1. Thursday, 7/20 - Portland (The Know) w/ Bothers, Carole's Gold Gym (21+)
2. Friday, 7/21 - Sacramento, CA (21+)
3. Saturday, 7/22 - Bay Area (help!)
4. Sunday, 7/23 - Pomona, CA (Characters) w/ Failing Up + more (21+)
5. Monday, 7/24 - Flagstaff, AZ (house show)
6. Tuesday, 7/25 - Albuquerque, NM (house show)
7. Wednesday, 7/26 - Denver, CO (7th Circle Collective, all-ages)
8. Thursday, 7/27 - SLC, UT (house show)
9. Friday, 7/28 - Boise, ID (house show)
10. Saturday, 7/29 - Redmond, OR (Di Pizza, all-ages)


released March 31, 2017


all rights reserved



1859 Records Corvallis, Oregon

DIY micro-label based in Corvallis, OR, U$A, specializing in various shades of punk and metal ...

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Track Name: it came out of the sky
IT CAME OUT OF THE SKY It came out of the sky. Breathing in. Too soon we die. Lonely piles of skin.
Track Name: birds, bees, and disease
BIRDS, BEES & DISEASE Liberty, I always said I'd die for you. Now that death has come from above, I find myself smiling, thinking back on the better times (moments we spent not giving a fuck). I only wish we'd wasted more time than we did. Birds, bees, and disease -- bringing us to our fucking knees. If we make it through this alive, I'll try to do better. Travel out to more ancient forests, explore more water. It's a beautiful fucking world but I guess we didn't always notice. Let's navigate these poisoned Portland streets so we can get back out there.
Track Name: pill hill
PILL HILL Packing out our shit today. Everyone is bugging out. Leaving this squat today. Fuck the cops, but nobody's around. So we gotta get up pill hill. Heard it from a friend of mine; they've got the cure up on pill hill. He heard it from a friend of his. A vicious rumor only if it kills.
Track Name: masks
MASKS There's something in the air. There's fear in everyone's eyes. There's something in the air. They've got masks on -- a thin disguise. Masks (they hide behind). We're making our way to the bridge but you've got other plans: "We're gonna die without those masks -- we've got friends but no cash."
Track Name: dead on mount tabor
DEAD ON MT. TABOR You said our friends were up there with the masks to save us. I had a shitty feeling; too late for rescue. Dead on Mt. Tabor. So many bodies floating. Bloated, desiccated. Some familiar faces. Not a mask in sight. Fuck you, Mt. Tabor.
Track Name: down stark and lonely streets
DOWN STARK & LONELY STREETS It's a strange thing you say to me: "Nestor, I used to feel something. Now everything I am inside feels like it's dried up and died." Down these stark and lonely streets. Death in everything we meet. We used to stop and smell these roses; now decayed, no longer sweet. "I used to love these traffic circles. Every May they'd come alive, turning quiet city streets into blooming poetry." It's very quiet tonight. Withering petals in fading light. Illusory, no real peace in sight. Unsettling; let's not stay too long.
Track Name: last match
LAST MATCH Down to the cemetery, hanging in with the lonely firs. It's time we build a fire, warm our travel-weary bones. We've spent so much time evading but I don't even care who sees. I'm fucking cold and tired, let the bastards try to seize our last match. In a moment I'll never forget -- in a moment of stupidity -- I forgot to be delicate. I forgot to treasure sanctity, inherent in the gift of fire (now a total fucking luxury). Represented in this broken matchstick is our modern-day guilty plea. This last match. Now you're telling me you've been late for a while. No wonder you've been sick.
Track Name: love ... with no exceptions?
LOVE ... WITH NO EXCEPTIONS? We said we would never let each other down. We said we would always stick together. Love, with no exceptions? I can tell you wanna put your hands on my throat. I'd be lying, Liberty, if I said I don't (blame you). I can see the smoke, smell it in the air. I can feel the thunder fucking everywhere.
Track Name: burned out on burnside
BURNED OUT ON BURNSIDE We can't get south; too many barricades. We've got to eat but your retching is making me sick. We've seen so many shows on Burnside through the years. Do you remember when Warcry and Talk Is Poison played outside? Burned out on Burnside (now it's all burned out). It's all charcoal now, the buildings that led the way over to the west side (where we never liked to go). I wish I was back home, in the valley I used to love. To the rolling hillsides, away from these poisoned Portland streets.
Track Name: city of roses (buried beneath corpses)
CITY OF ROSES (BURIED BENEATH CORPSES) You're breaking down again, shuffling down this dead-end street. Feeling cold inside as the downpour stifles any heat. You're cursing me again. You never wanted to come here in the first place. "I used to think we were a team, but now I can't stand your fucking face." City of roses, buried beneath corpses. You're walking half a block ahead. I wonder if it's better this way. I look up to the sky instead and wonder if this rain makes the disease stay. I think I hear something not heard before and it fills me with a sickening dread. You try to keep it so discreet but I hear the cough and now I'm feeling dead.
Track Name: over the bridge
OVER THE BRIDGE Ross Island Bridge is a fucking mess. Barricades and human flesh, but we join the riot and break on through. You're barely breathing. You're turning blue. Over the bridge, through the hordes. I pick you up and run like hell, past screaming psychos gone cannibal. Up ahead, I see friendly faces but they speak ugly words; the vicious rumor, it only kills. You're losing strength. Gone too far to quit.
Track Name: light up ahead
LIGHT UP AHEAD There's a light up ahead, shining down from the hill, just a short walk from here. Please, just move your feet one step at a time. I promise you won't fall. We've both come so far. Twisting curves up ahead. Your rasping fills the air. We stop for a rest but you take one final, bloody breath. My howl on deaf ears.

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